Airport Pickups

- We would like to emphasize that Merida Airport pickup and drop off will be provided by your Mexican family or by C.G. staff. Cancun airport arrival we will give you detail information of the shuttle to Merida and we will pick you up at the bus station. Escort services to Cancun airport are available under request.

- For Non-home stay students, Centro Genesis will be in charge of organizing your pickups and transfers.

- If my plane is delayed, will I still be picked up at the airport?

Yes, we will be there anytime your flight arrives. Once you are registered we will send you the 24/7 on call number to keep in touch with us.

- How do I get to school on the first day?
Your family will drive you to our center and for others we will pick you up.

- Which is the best way to communicate with my family and friends back home?
You could send an e-mail, we recommend using local Internet cafés, which are inexpensive and provide relatively fast connections. To call home you can use C.G. free phone, Skype or purchase an International Calling card.

- For local phone calls we will provide you a cell phone.

Please let us know anything else you would like to know we will be happy to respond.