Cancellation Policy

Program Cancellation is effective the same day Centro Genesis receives it in writing.
Cancellations must be in writing to be processed, email is acceptable.

The $150 us registration fee is non-refundable. All payments less than $150 deposit, is fully refundable up to 30 days. Within 30 days of starting date, a 70% is refundable; within 21 days of starting date, a 50% is refundable.

Within 14 days of starting date, 40% of program cost is refundable; Within 7 days of starting date, 100% of program cost is non-refundable due to the many expenses involved in arranging a program and the various policies of housing reservations among others.

But if you cancel, you can also have the option to apply your payments, less any penalties (mentioned above), towards any program later the same or following year.

If C.G. cancels or suspends a course, the course will be refunded pro-rata.

In case of cancellation of excursions and trips no refund is granted. We will consider the specific case together with tour operators.