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Why should I study in the Yucatan Peninsula?
The Yucatan Peninsula offers tremendous biodiversity. The country is teeming with wildlife and natural beauty, allowing visitors to explore archaeological sites or reefs in the morning and relax on the beach in the afternoon. Merida is not only considered as one of the safest cities in Mexico, but in the world as well. 

When was Centro Genesis founded?
It was founded in 1993 by Dr. Maria Mercedes Jaramillo.
CG provides the best combination of quality in studies, interesting tours, warm family atmosphere, and a safe environment.

How long are your programs? When can I start?
All C. G. programs are separated into week-long segments.

What is the recommended length of stay? How many hours of instruction do you recommend?
That depends on your individual Spanish Language Program or Educational Tour. You may study for as little as one week; however, we recommend a minimum study period of two weeks.

Who typically attends to Centro Genesis?
Anyone interested in language, culture and/or eco-tours.

Are there any special suggestions for students with chronic medical or psychological conditions?
After consulting with your local professional about your study abroad plans inform our C.G. administrator  about your circumstance. This will allow us to appropriately assist you.

What does C.G. offer?
Intensive Spanish Language, Educational Tours, Special tailored programs adapted to social sciences, healthcare, business, law and tourism.

Can I take private lessons?
We offer one- on-one classes. Please contact us for information.

Home stay

What are the families like?
All of our host families are carefully selected; they are very patient and go out of their way to help the student’s needs. Young couples without children, couples with children (of all age groups) older couples with grown children who no longer live at home, or a single lady.You will find our homes clean and comfortable.

Who is my family?
Often students ask about their host family prior to their arrival. Due to our attempts to make a good match between students and families, we do not place students with families until a few days before the student arrives. Even so we will send you all the information in advance.

Could families, spouses, kids or travel companions stay in the same home stay?
Centro Genesis does place students together upon request.

Could I bring my dog?
Yes, please let us know in advance.


How safe is the Yucatan Peninsula ?
We definitely understand your concerns about traveling abroad. However, the Yucatan Peninsula is a serene area that is committed to upholding its history of peace and diplomacy. The state of Yucatan also depends greatly on tourism from the United States, Canada and Europe; all nationalities are welcomed and treated with respect and kindness.

Required documents:

• Passport 
• Travel medical insurance card.
• Driver's license, when appropriate.
• International Student ID if applicable
• Diving card if applicable
• ATM Card
• Photocopies of all of the above

Please, check our safety references