Customized Programs for Coordinators

We will arrange all the details to meet your particular curricular goals. We have the resources and knowledge to facilitate a program in a safe and relaxing environment.

Customized programs include:

- Airport reception
We will welcome you and your group at the Merida or Cancun airport.

- On site teaching staff
Centro Genesis is connected with the academic community in the Yucatan Peninsula and can provide bilingual professors for customized programs in the areas of Healthcare, Education, Anthropology, Archaeology, Political Sciences and Environmental Studies, among others.

- Classroom Space
C.G. has a number of classroom space options for customized programs. You can choose from our own facilities, an archaeological area, an old Hacienda, an Eco-hotel, a Museum or an isolated beach. The spaces can host 10+ students and will be equipped according to your needs. We have specially selected spaces based on program needs, natural beauty, location and costs.

- Accommodation
C.G. will include group housing according to your itinerary, preferences and budget. We can accommodate your program in home stays, private apartments, or eco-hotels.

- Orientation
The C.G. orientation provides students with the tools to help them feel confident and prepared to integrate into their new community. Our services start before you and your students depart for Yucatan.

- Insurance
C.G. can include comprehensive medical insurance while abroad. Please contact us for more details.

- Emergency Contact
C.G. can act as an emergency contact. We will be on call 24/7 to assist you and your students with any medical or personal emergency you may have.

- Excursions
C.G. organizes educational excursions in the Yucatan Peninsula and throughout Mexico. We have the experience to provide your group with quality guides, first class transportation and interesting eco-lodges.

Other services requested by the University or Institution.
Please let us know if you need a service that is not included in this list. Our programs are customized to your preferences.Let us handle the logistics so that you can focus on the exciting cultural experience that awaits you and your students.