Intensive Spanish Language Program

We offer a wide range of courses to improve your Spanish. Whatever your reason for learning Spanish is, we have the right class for you. All our staff are highly experienced and trained to create the best possible learning environment in the Yucatan through a balance of speaking and listening.

Classes are designed to let you feel relaxed and give you every possible opportunity to develop your Spanish through communication. Excursions and several visits to rural Mayan communities allow you to apply what you are learning while experiencing local culture.

Intensive Spanish language courses are divided in six language levels.

Upon arrival students are tested for both written and spoken competence. Based on these exams, students are assigned to the appropriate language level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced, I or II.

- Beginner Spanish I-II

The fundamentals of Spanish grammar (all verb tenses), vocabulary, and useful expressions are studied. The goals of these courses are to build reading, writing, listening and, above all, speaking skills to enable you to handle basic communicative tasks and social situations.

- Intermediate Spanish I-II

Classes are divided into three components: grammar/vocabulary, conversation and reading/writing, each of which is a review of verbs in present, preterit and imperfect. Different conversational themes and related vocabulary are introduced for discussion.

- Advanced Spanish I-II / Advanced Language Review through Literature and Culture

This will be presented through the use of theoretical and practical materials that permit the student to consolidate some of the complex grammatical aspects of the Spanish language that require frequent review and further development. Care will be taken, whenever possible, to focus on understanding and practicing their use in both the written and spoken forms of the language. The objective is to strengthen your own personal style through frequent reading and written assignments.

- Spanish for Business / Healthcare Practitioners

Intensive Spanish for Healthcare: As communicating with your patient is of utmost importance, you will have the opportunity to practice your language skills with Spanish-speaking patients. It also provides a great advantage when applying for residency spots. We guarantee short-term results.

Intensive Spanish for Business: The objective of this course is to familiarize the student with the terminology and syntax of the world of economics and business administration. You will learn by interacting with Spanish speaking colleagues. We guarantee short-term results.