Travel Medical Insurance

It is imperative that you check your Travel Medical Insurance policy to see what coverage it provides for medical services abroad. Be sure that you are covered for the full time you are abroad, including periods of recreational travel as diving among others. In case you need travelers insurance we can arrange it for you.

Which vaccinations/medications do I need to enter Mexico?
There are no vaccinations required to enter Mexico, although the Center for Disease Control and Prevention does recommend that travelers be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B. Malaria, contraction in Mexico is extremely rare, and few cases have been reported along the Caribbean coast; however, some visitors do bring anti-malaria medication. All tap water is potable, although you will be drinking only bottled water, it is readily available throughout the country. Mexico has high-quality, relatively inexpensive medical care; if you need to see a health care professional during your stay in the country, we will be happy to assist you.

For more information on traveler's health precautions, you may visit the CDC's Central America web site at: and choose the 'Central America and Mexico' option on the pull-down menu.
Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization